I understand that shopping online comes with the limitation of being unable to ask questions, so I've compiled some of the most common questions we receive at in-person events. If your question is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach on in IG DMs, email, or the contact form on my website.

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What metals do you use?

All metal components that may come in contact with the skin are 14k gold filled, sterling silver or titanium.

Brass charm components are intentionally designed to be distanced from skin contact. You’ll notice necklaces with brass charms are only offered in the longer lengths and brass charms on earrings are all below the lobe.

Post back earrings are all titanium posts and ear nut backers.

Do you use resin?

No, I do not use resin at all. My work space is inside my home, and most resin requires a good bit of personal protective equipment, so I prefer not to work with it. I secure my posts with other methods (such as liquid clay or embedding in the clay), and I also love a matte finish on the front of my pieces. Some people also have a skin sensitivity to resin when it is in contact with their ears.

I also love the matte finish of my pieces as my personal design preference!

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